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GPC for Windows Analysis Analysis versio

GPC for Windows Analysis Analysis versio

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GPC for Windows Analysis Publisher's Description

GPC for Windows makes the analysis and presentation of GPC data quick and easy. Compared to other commercial GPC software:
  1. It is slightly cheaper (by about an order of magnitude).
  2. It requires a far less capable computer (a 386DX with 4 M ram or above).
  3. It is designed from the ground up as a GPC program - not adapted from a GC or HPLC program. As a result, the menu structures and dialog boxes are (I hope) simple, easy to use and intuitively obvious.
  4. It is a _REAL_ Windows(TM) program:
    • it happily multitasks with other programs;
    • it imports, exports, copies and pastes data easily;
    • it has context-sensitive help (press "F1" anywhere and see what happens);
    • it is fully mouse driven, though a keyboard can be used;
    • it is WYSIWYG;
  5. It is easy to obtain and manipulate the column calibration data.
  6. It offers technically better fitting functions for the calibration data than other programs (see the help file for a thorough discussion of this rather complex issue).
  7. It correctly performs the molecular weight transforms to yield the true number and weight distributions (again, see the help file).
  8. It implements Universal Calibration, both Mark-Houwink-Sakurada and Stockmayer-Fixman.
  9. Scientifically interesting manipulations (integration, differentiation, lines of best fit) can be performed on both the raw and transformed data.
  10. The data is stored as an ASCII file, so it is easy to import into another program.
  11. Finally, and most importantly, it offers a "De-Broadening" algorithm that removes the effects of column broadening.

If you need to Acquire data, then have a look at the Acquisition version.

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